A Device That Can Count Calories on Your Plate?

Posted on: November 10th, 2013 by Mitzi Stewart Comments


Calorie counting can be tough. While there are plenty of apps and computer programs that can help us out, it's difficult to know exactly what restaurants are putting in our food and just how many calories each item has. But this little device could be changing everything... TellSpec is a gadget that can give you calorie counts, allergy info, and details about your food just by connecting it to your smartphone and scanning your food.

Essentially, the TellSpec uses lasers to evaluate an object's chemical composition. It then uses an alogorithm to calculate not only calories, but ingredients and whether or not the food contains gluten, trans fats, or pesticides, even in trace amounts. Wow! To see how it works, check out TellSpec's video.

More great news? This device isn't even crazy expensive. The company is offering early backers the actual device and two years of unlimited food scan analysis for $150. Talk about cheap! 

Can you imagine diners all over the country scanning their food before eating it? Or sending it back to the restaurant's kitchen, appalled by the nutrition content of their ordered dish? This could be a wonderful device in many ways, but could also bring lots of trouble!

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